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Hey girls… and guys?? Probably not, it must be a bit boring for you guys to read this, but if you do… you might find some useful info about what to get your girl for her next birthday or for Christmas, or just a treat! (Every girl loves a treat, don’t listen to her if they say they don’t).

A big thing in the world of fashion is about items going in cycles of popularity. Stuff like this goes in circles, as with many aspects of life! Anyway…

The ‘Teva’ sandal, that proper 90s looking piece of sexy-sandal is said to be making a comeback, so if you want to get ahead of the game, then go look for some bargains online, as they will be cheaper now than in a few months when they become hot property. There are some really funky styles and colours going around, so get in there now before all the good stuff is gone! You can thank me later! : D

Teva Pic

Going away from gawdy 90s bling, we go back further with some real classic 40s/50s glamour. The simple pleated-boddice dress is making a roaring comeback, along with the ‘car coat’, a mid-length ultra-classy garment for the ladies that love that 50s chic. Stripes are a big thing this season, so go with something plain on the bottom half. Effortless style can be achieved easily and cheaply!



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