Evening girlies! Welcome back to my blog about fashion J. Been pretty excited this week checking out some of the latest winter and spring 2016 outfits. I have been looking at Vogue in particular, as, for me they are the most on-point publication out there. I love to look at their latest articles and here are the best bits from their piece on Spring 2016.

The most exciting bit of news is the emergence of satin in everyday wear and not just restricted to the bedroom! There are some amazing pieces from Alexander Wang in particular and I will certainly be making the most of this trend! The guys in our lives will love it too I think!

Another exciting trend for next Spring are the classic and very much ladylike dresses from such designers as Serafini, coupled with simple flat shoes. It gives a romantic look whilst maintaining class and style. Effortless is how I would like to describe this one. Floral designs are very popular so keep your eyes peeled for those.


Sequins are also making a comeback and are said to be becoming very popular in 2016, and not just for Spring. Vogue say there is a sparkly dress for every girl, so get shopping! Some amazing examples from Vaccarello and Marc Jacobs in particular.

Last on the list is the “off the shoulder” look. Designers are going as low as possible and it is a very fresh look. It is a great way to give a little away but without revealing anything that shouldn’t be. Stay sexy and modest ladies! Ha!

Thank you Vogue for continually updating me with fashiony goodness!



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