Evening girlies! Welcome back to my blog about fashion J. Been pretty excited this week checking out some of the latest winter and spring 2016 outfits. I have been looking at Vogue in particular, as, for me they are the most on-point publication out there. I love to look at their latest articles and here […]

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The ‘Teva’

Fashion Blog Retro Styles Hey girls… and guys?? Probably not, it must be a bit boring for you guys to read this, but if you do… you might find some useful info about what to get your girl for her next birthday or for Christmas, or just a treat! (Every girl loves a treat, don’t […]

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Hey xxx

Hi! My name is Ellie and I am a keen fashion writer and follower. I am hoping to inspire like-minded people to maybe start writing blogs of their own, and that way we can share our passion for fashion (sorry x). Ellie xxx

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